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solar panels on roof and in a field

About Solar Panel Recycling

Solar Panel Recycling is a subsidiary company of Cal Micro Recycling, which is an integrated B2B recycling service provider, managing Photovoltaic Module waste in accordance to DTSC regulations under SB 489. Based in the City of Ontario, Solar Panel Recycling provides cost-effective certified solar panel recycling solutions that help clients dispose of their waste within compliance.

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Sustainable Green Recycling

Solar Panel Recycling is a different kind of recycling company. We recycle the vast majority of solar cells by breaking them into their component parts in a safe, well-regulated complex. We sort the various materials within the panels and ensure as little as possible goes to landfills.

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USA & California-Compliant

We ensure that your old solar panels are disposed of in a manner that complies with all applicable California and USA recycling regulations. Solar panels are complex machines that comprise several elements that are toxic if disposed of improperly. For this reason, California law now requires that most solar panels be disposed of by regulated recyclers like Solar Panel Recycling.

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5 Stars for
Solar Panel Recycling CA

“I have been to the place many times, the workers here are helpful and very friendly. Love them and also feel that I am doing something to help the environment.”