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Why Should You Recycle Your Dying Solar Panels?

Posted September 03, 2021 in Solar Panel Recycling

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The majority of solar panel manufacturers say that their panels will endure for 25 years or more

But, when solar panels start to die, what are we to do with the huge amount of toxic trash?

Solar power has become increasingly important in the modern age as an important source of renewable energy in the fight against climate change. These huge chunks of complex technology come in bulky electronic sheets, which significantly contribute to e-waste once its life cycle ends.

Two workers standing next to solar panels

How Big of a Problem Is Solar Panel Waste?

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency’s projections solar panel waste is estimated to amount to 78 million metric tons by the year 2050. Aside from the deteriorating supply of solar panels, a fair number of them are also being decommissioned. These decommissioned panels usually acquire damage from storms, had existing manufacturing defects, or were replaced with more efficient models.

How Do We Deal With the Inevitable Solar Panel Waste? 

The Ontario-based recycling service provider, Solar Panel Recycling, knows exactly what to do.

Solar panels are manufactured with photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert energy from the sun to electricity. When solar panels are sent to landfills, valuable resources are wasted. 

Additionally, solar panels also contain toxic materials like lead which is harmful to the environment and people’s health once they seep through the land.

Valuable materials need to be recovered from panels before they are disposed of. Materials like silver and silicon require expert recycling solutions to retrieve.

Recycling centers like Solar Panel Recycling implement high-value, integrated recycling systems that aim to recover all valuable materials from the panels. 

Solar Panel Recycling, a subsidiary of Cal Micro USA, adheres to the State and Federal regulations of electronics recycling and is certified for product destruction of environmental waste. This recycling service provider also manages Photovoltaic Module waste in accordance with DTSC regulations under SB 489.

Need to Recycle Your Old Solar Panels?

Solar panels are bound to fail over time. With the help of institutions like Solar Panel Recycling, consumers do not have to worry about the responsibility of disposing of these technologies. 

Located in Ontario, California, Solar Panel Recycling provides cost-effective certified solar panel recycling solutions for commercial and residential consumers. To learn more, contact our offices by calling (909) 757-1922 or filling out our online contact form